Here at THE REAL THING, we love to travel. We've been doing it for years, on our own, with our partners, our children, and our friends... We have been to many interesting places some separated by great distances, others right around the corner. But what we like most is to travel to places where we have friends, people who can show us our destination's best, most authentic side, what the locals see and do. This makes us feel like privileged travelers. And that is what inspired us to createTHE REAL THING : to show you Spain in a way that makes you feel like you're stopping by a friend's house.

At THE REAL THINGwe want to put Spain's vast cultural wealth on display, revisit its most common clichés and bring them up to date so that you can enjoy them to the fullest. We also want to show you a range of real situations which are different, authentic and new to you, as well as wholly Spanish and truly essential. We have ideas for the traveler coming to Spain for the very first time and for the more experienced visitor always seeking something new.

At THE REAL THING, we can transform the most popular sites into special, once-in-a-lifetime experiences and make the unknown compelling.

That's how we like to travel. How about you?

Marta Muñoz Recarte


Whatever your interests or needs, we will devise the perfect plan for your trip to Spain: painting, sculpture, food and wine, contemporary art, architecture, live performances, dance, history, sports, nature, business, etc. We place all of our knowledge and extensive network of local contacts at our clients’ disposal so they can enjoy a genuine, independent experience.

We provide bespoke services, catering to our clients' tastes, interests, needs and possibilities so as to offer a unique, distinct product for each person. To that end, we prefer to work with small groups for which we can provide tailored services and experiences. We can personalize just about everything, from culinary preferences to more specific needs, such as those of people with reduced mobility and families traveling with children and babies.

We serve non-conformist, demanding travelers with a desire to truly understand a part of Spain. It is the only place we offer services because we know it well, which is precisely what allows us to ensure quality, authentic travel proposals. See Spain in a different way, one that's more genuine, more real. Travel to another Spain. Viajes a otra España.

THE REAL THING: Private visits to cities, villages, monuments, museums and art galleries. Historical routes. Organizing private sports activities and events such as golfing, hunting, biking, nautical, equestrian, hiking, climbing and adventure sports. Visiting national parks, reserves and other natural spaces. Organizing private trips for families or groups. Private lunches and dinners, gastronomic events, wine and olive oil tastings, visits to wineries and oil mills. Private dance, language, art and cooking classes. Scheduling and recommendations for visits to stores and specialized retailers. Private box seats for shows. Arranging private meetings with people of interest for our clients.