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Úbeda. Martín Varsavsky. BY CC BY 2.0
3 days of Heritage, Nature and Centenary Traditions.

Jaén province is known for being the largest olive-oil producing region in the world, but few people are aware that it’s also home to lush mountains and deep valleys, the birthplace of the Guadalquivir River, the land of bulls, and cities with centuries-old treasures.

Aceite de oliva. Smabs Sputzer. BY CC 2.0

Aceite de oliva. Smabs Sputzer. BY CC 2.0
We have designed the perfect trip to discover a somewhat different Andalusia redefining clichés while revisiting some “classics”. A route combining the best examples of Spanish Renaissance architecture; a unique proposal to understand the functioning of a mill of the best olive oil, tasting its products in a very special meal with the owners; or a day with the Spanish bulls and a rancher.

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And there’s much more! We have proposals for nature lovers, with routes through the lush exuberance of the Cazorla and Segura Mountains or the rugged terrain of Sierra Mágina.

Crazy for crafts? Discover with THE REAL THING the traditions of pottery and iron. Willing to dance? We know just the right people for a flamenco party. And, of course, we have recommendations for the best culinary experiences to savor all the flavors of this region.

Visiting Jaén is like traveling through time, a series of contrasting natural lands aces from ochre to green, a journey of aromas and flavors bathed in olive oil.

Laguna de Aguas Negras Cazorla Luis Daniel Carabia Cabeza CC BY 2.0

Laguna de Aguas Negras. Cazorla Luis Daniel Carabia Cabeza BY CC 2.0