Dalí, Cadaqués
and Figueres

Dalí, Cadaquésand Figueres
Fundació Gala-Salvador Dalí
Of all the great 20th century artists, perhaps Salvador Dalí inspires the most curiosity. His extravagant personality and artistic genius led him to create fascinating works of art which were ahead of his time, mixing references of high culture and popular culture, as pop culture artists would later do. Cadaqués and Figueres are two small, typical Mediterranean cities where Dalí lived and worked, creating his most outrageous and magnificent works: his home and the Theater-Museum.

A visit to the Theater-Museum, where many of Dalí’s most emblematic works are on display, provides the full experience of what his work meant to him. If we are to follow his journey throughout the Mediterranean, essential viewing includes Portlligat, where famous artist guests included Picasso, Duchamp and Lorca, and the medieval Púbol Castel, an homage in every way to his wife, Gala Dalí.