Spanish Wine. A World to be Discovered

Destination food and wine Rioja

Spain has a centuries-old wine tradition, and wine culture has always been a way of understanding life here. This custom, which is documented in early literature, continues today, ranking Spain among the world’s best producers. Wineries, passed down from generation to generation, have adapted to the times, with an offer that goes well beyond the traditional sale or interesting tasting. They have added value to their proposal by creating restaurants which highlight the qualities of their own wines, and even hotels with fashionable spas, where guests can reap every last reward from the grapes.

Tradition and innovation have given rise to increasing prized wines, not only with regard to rich and hearty reds typical of Ribera de Duero, or the classic Rioja wines, but also to new proposals from places like Toro and Madrid; or to fresh and fruity whites such as Albariños from Galicia, bubbly cava from Penedès and young Verdejos from Rueda…

Quality, all around. A world to be discovered.