Historical Walking Tours in Madrid

plaza de la villa

Madrid Visitors & Convention Bureau, 2013
People visiting Madrid for the first time often feel just the slightest bit overwhelmed: the noise, traffic, bars, stores… the life of a city in full swing. So who better than a local Madrileño to guide you through all the chaos and show you the real city, its history and its people?

During our tour, the city will pop up around us, proudly revealing places, which fully preserve the flavor of very distant times. As if the city were a stage, history has left a deep-seated footprint over time. From its founding as Mayrit by the Arabs in the 9th century, through the Habsburg and Bourbon dynasties’ reign, to the latest events of the 20th and 21st century, life in Madrid seems much like a novel by Cervantes or Caldeón de la Barca: intertwining sleep and sleeplessness, art is mistaken for life.

During our journey, we’ll discover the thrilling history of an open, cosmopolitan city, where tradition and cutting-edge go hand-in-hand, and stories of war, kings and queens, invasions, ghosts and lovers will provide the perfect backdrop for some tapas and a top-flight wine in one of the city’s hundred-year-old locales. And if it’s cold, there’s no better way to warm up with a some caldito (broth) at Lhardy, or with one of the city’s most traditional, nourishing foods: hot chocolate… with churros!