Contemporary and Medieval Vitoria

Contemporary and Medieval Vitoria
Photo Quintas. Archivo Fotográfico Fundación Catedral Santa María. Santa María Cathedral.
Vitoria, sophisticated and elegant, takes exquisite care of its historic quarter, which is truly unique in Spain. The Cathedral of Santa María is the undisputed star of cosmopolitan life in the city, where contemporary architecture coexists in harmony with historical monuments.

Exemplary restoration of the Cathedral, which is “Open for Construction”, has unearthed stonework with a story to tell, allowing us to glimpse the hidden facets of the refurbishment process: a distinct, fascinating visit to this 13th century church-fortress, passing by scaffolding, surrounded by hard hats, giving us access to spaces we wouldn’t normally be able to see. This tour will also help us understand the origins of the city through an unprecedented archaeological display excavated from under the cathedral.

At THE REAL THING, we suggest another three stops on our tour of Vitoria, European Green Capital 2012: namely, the BIBAT, Fournier Naipes, and Archaeology Museums. The Fournier Naipes Museum, located inside the Renaissance Bendaña Palace, is home to the world’s largest collection of playing cards, and the Archaeology Museum, an award-winning infrastructure by architect Francisco Mangado, has 1,500 original artifacts from Álava dating from prehistoric times through to the Middle Ages.

A joint visit where architecture and contemporary projects inspire all kinds of passionate daydreams.