Monasteries, castles and walled cities


Ayuntamiento de Ávila
While the Christian kingdoms in the North were conquering the territories of Al-Andalus, the Iberian Peninsula was being populated with great monuments. The castles perched on hilltops in Castile, overlooking its extensive plains; the religious monasteries where so many noble and significant historic figures chose to retire, seeking to spend their final years in peace; and the seemingly endless collection of walled cities, their boundaries overcome by events and the passage of history, but whose stone walls remain testament to grandeur and blood spilled in battle.

The Royal Monastery of Huelgas (Burgos), Simancas Castile (Valladolid) and the walled city of Avila are all examples of a Middle Ages convulsed in the need to build landmarks that would transform the territory and stake out strategic locations.

Even today, visitors to these places can appreciate the grandeur with which they were designed and built.