Reina Sofia Museum

Reina Sofia Museum
Museo Reina Sofía. Edificio Sabatini
Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dalí and Joan Miró. A selection of the greatest works by these three geniuses, 20th century painting icons, form the foundation on which the Reina Sofía Museum’s permanent collection is based. Picasso’s El Guernica has pride of place, along with the other paintings that were on display in the Spanish pavilion at the International Exhibition in Paris in 1937 when Picasso, like many others, tried to depict the Spanish civil war (which did not end for another three years) for the rest of the world.

The most rule-breaking masterpieces comprise the core of the exposition, which features works from leading international artists. Cubism, Surrealism, Dadaism, Expressionism… splendid examples of the historical avant-garde hang alongside works by the most contemporary artists on today’s art scene.

Edificio NOUVEL_terraza día

Museo Reina Sofía. Edificio Nouvel
This historical Neoclassical building, designed by architects José de Hermosilla and Francesco Sabatini, from Italy, was originally the site of Madrid’s General Hospital. It was later expanded, a project headed by French architect Jean Nouvel. The new building, inaugurated in 2005, respects the integrity of the historical site while contributing an elegant design, personality and character to the construction as a whole.