Sorolla Museum

Sorolla Museum
Señoras en la playa. Museo Sorolla. Fotógrafa: Sophie Lloyd. Connaissance des arts
Would you like to visit a studio from the early 20th century? Do you want to see first-hand the home of one of Spain’s most international artists? Joaquín Sorolla’s house, like his art, takes us deep into a world of light and full of life and joy, where the artist recreated the folklore that he painted, surrounding himself with natural, coloristic beauty.

Created at the behest of Clotilde García, Sorolla’s widow, the home where the artist spent the last few years of his life opened its doors as a museum in 1932. Sorolla himself was responsible for its design: a large number of spacious, well-lit rooms, surrounded by a lush and cheerful Andalusian-style patio, reflecting all of the tradition of the gardens of Sevilla and Granada.


Niños con barco. Museo Sorolla. Fotógrafa: Sophie Lloyd. Connaissance des arts
Some of the artist’s greatest paintings decorate the walls. In addition to his typical family portraits, there are also works from his most dynamic, colorful period: in his landscapes and marshlands, clothing sways in the breeze and the sun’s reflection on the water dazzles the eye.

In addition to his own paintings, Sorolla’s private collection is also on display at the museum, including sculptures by Benlliure, Rodin and Bloy and pictorial works of art by José de Ribera, Mariano Fortuny and John Singer Sargent.