The Cíes islands, from the sea

The Cíes islands, from the sea
Playa de Rodas. Ignorant Walking. BY CC 2.0
The Cíes Islands, Spain’s first National Marine Park, were known by the Romans as the islands of the gods.

Monte Agudo, Faro and San Martiño comprise the archipelago, an unparalleled Eden with idyllic stretches of sand. Rodas beach, which connects the first two islands, was named the best beach in the world by The Guardian, with its crystalline waters and singular flora and fauna observatory.

Visiting this enclave on our own sailboat allows us not only to go where most boats never go, but also to learn about fishing for spider crabs, collecting mussels, and repairing fishing nets on the high seas.

A two-hour journey on our sailboat, navigating around the unique, wonderful paradise that is the Cíes Islands.