The Heart of
Basque Cuisine

The Heart of Basque Cuisine
There are a thousand reasons to visit San Sebastián, and the food is one of the most important. There’s nowhere else with as many Michelin stars per capita or where eating a pintxo is such a singular experience.

But we want to show you where it all began, the heart of Basque gastronomy, where one of the greatest culinary traditions took shape—and continues to develop. At THE REAL THING, we will reveal to you one of the Basque people’s best-kept secrets: Gastronomic Societies. Places where women were once prohibited and where men met to talk amongst themselves, and in particular to cook with friends and try one another’s meticulously prepared dishes.

We will meet in our chef’s kitchen and, attentively following his instructions, will prepare a meal using the ingredients we buy together on our morning visit to the market.