Contemporary Art
in Extremadura

Contemporary Art in Extremadura
Por qué el proceso entre Pilatos y Jesús duró solo dos minutos. Museo Vostell. Malpartidas de Cáceres. Cáceres. Pirineísta. BY CC 2.0
Extremaduran heritage has been updated with two singular contemporary art projects. The first, and most recent, is the Helga de Alvear Center for Visual Arts Foundation, created by gallery owner Helga de Alvear, who decided to share her collection with society, setting the standard for a project aimed at dissemination, production, research and education in connection with contemporary visual creation. The second venture, the Vostell Malpartida Museum, is an unprecedented project in Spain where you can discover the art owned by Vostell, a Spanish-German artist who played a key role in post-war contemporary art. This includes his collection Fluxus, in an old wool washhouse in Los Barruecos, a magnificent site which was declared a Natural Monument, where art mixes with the natural beauty of large granite rocks, a beautiful dam, rich fauna and expansive vegetation.