A paradise for wine, art, and gastronomy.

Welcome to the heart of Castile, where time seems to have a slower, calmer pace. In this former abbey, today a luxury 5-star hotel, a feeling of inner peace embraces us as soon as we arrive. A deep sense of reflection, of quiet tasks carried out at peak performance, an embrace between man, nature, and spirit.

Here in Ribera del Duero, one of Spain’s top wine regions, we find the charming Abadía Retuerta welcoming us to its luxurious rooms, spaces, and surroundings. The project, focused on winemaking, wellbeing, nature, gastronomy, and art, occupies a 1730-acre state filled with vineyards and pine groves, home to the medieval abbey of Santa María de Retuerta.

Awake your every sense and engage in one of their unique experiences: from exclusive visits to the finca and vineyards with a tasting to bread making workshops, collecting fresh vegetables from their organic garden, a journey through the artistic heritage of the abbey, a picnic, or even a hot-air balloon ride for the extra adventurous.


You can also choose among a selection of multisensorial experiences at their spa (aptly named ‘Santuario’) to pamper your most harmonious self and make the absolute most of this heavenly stay.

At the heart of Ribera del Duero wine region, a 2-hour drive from Madrid airport, only 30 minutes from Valladolid.
The hotel welcomes you every day of the year, but you can make the most of some of the outdoor experiences and enjoy the landscape at its prettiest during the Spring and Autumn seasons.
One-of-a-kind luxury accommodation, surrounded by the natural treasures that yields one of our best wines, with options to make your stay unforgettable. Nothing short of sheer magic.
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Hola! Welcome to THE REAL THING
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We plan the trips that dreams are made of: trips tailored to your tastes and interests, with sophisticated proposals and all-around excellence. We help you discover the soul of vibrant cities and picturesque villages, the best coastal enclaves, the true countryside, and the natural beauty of rivers and mountains in their purest state.

You will enjoy food and wine like never before and soak up history and art at every turn; you will take part in our traditions and immerse yourself in our culture. Always in superb spaces, in great company, with an emphasis on quality, exclusivity and good taste. We know how to have fun and make your trip an enriching experience, helping you to tap into the real essence of each place.

We craft the best trips: ones that suit your needs, your taste, your rhythm. We take you to remarkable places and offer you a hand-picked selection of experiences that help you feel connected with the local spirit, with the people, with their art and their cuisine, with the land.

What we do

We make sure you enjoy every moment of your trip, arranging one unforgettable experience after another

We take care of absolutely everything so you don’t have to worry about absolutely anything. Our job is to ensure that your travels in Spain and Portugal are a pleasurable experience. We work for people with high standards (we have them, too), both on an individual and corporate level. We are flexible, but we like to have everything under control. And we aim to exceed expectations, including those of children: we love kids and know how important they are.

We put together packages based on what you want to experience. We are very well-versed in the cultural and dining scenes, and we have a long list of exceptional locations and contacts at our disposal. We open the doors of a convent full of precious art work just for you, we invite you to discover an enchanting Andalusian city guided by a viceroy, we take you to harvest oysters in the sea and cook with a chef, we send you sailing through Lisbon at dusk while listening to fados live… The accommodations, means of transport and restaurants, like everything else, will always be superb and fit with your style and preferences.

We highlight the local historic, artistic, natural and traditional heritage with a contemporary approach. We stand for a high-quality, inclusive, sustainable and respectful form of tourism. We want you to feel like a local, but not just any local: we provide you with the best of the best because there are so many wonders to see and no time to waste.

Monuments, museums, urban vibes, shopping, heritage, traditions, festivals, local cuisine, wine, crafts, relaxation, slow life, wellness, sports, adventure, nature, sea, music, fun, the good life…

Letting go is easy when everything feels so good. THE REAL THING always makes your wishes come true.

Who we are

We are your hip insiders, the guardian angels of your travels

Gloria Pou and Marta Muñoz
Glòria Pou and Marta Muñoz Recarte

We are a small but strong team led by Marta Muñoz Recarte and Glòria Pou. Both of us had long-standing careers in the art world until 2013, when our passion for travel led us to create THE REAL THING.

We are based in Madrid and Barcelona, where we design and oversee your journeys. We have a close-knit network of choice collaborators that make us the really top DMC we are. They include hoteliers with class, tour guides with cachet and chauffeurs with an eye; people who hold the keys to historic and unique buildings, art curators, cultural ambassadors and personal shoppers; contacts at the trendiest restaurants and bars of our cities, musicians, DJs, flamenco dancers, chefs, sommeliers, bartenders… Farmers and winegrowers, ceramicists, cheesemakers, sports instructors, massage therapists, fishermen, percebeiras (goose barnacle hunters), sailboat captains, jugglers, magicians… Want to meet them?

During your travels will we be available to assist you 24/7 and help you with whatever you need.

We like to keep up with the latest developments and traverse villages and cities in search of the best locations, hotels, businesses and restaurants.

We are passionate about fine dining, good wine and, above all, art. We are creative, communicative and focused, and provide an impeccable service.